Swar Arpan Foundation based India is founded by an accomplished and outstanding Hindustani vocalist, Ms. Mahuya Mukherjee. Having received training from her early years of life, she started winning laurels at a very early age. Mahuya is gifted with a very strong and melodious voice which is perfectly suitable for the Khayal and Thumri style of Hindustani music. Her soulful rendition of Ragas has kept the audience mesmerized and has won many appreciations and accolades. She is an artist of great caliber, having command on several genres like khayal, thumri, kajri, chaiti, etc. Systematic exposition of rag structure, brilliant phrasing, and variety of taan patterns – these are a few of the remarkable qualities of her singing. She belongs to Patiala Gharana , and was blessed enough to receive training in Hindustani classical under the guidance of great Gurus, like Pt. Ajay Chakrabarty ji, Pt. Shantunu Bhattacharya, Vidushi Sanjukta Ghosh and in semi classical from late Smt. Shipra Basu. Most notably, she is a regular performer of All India Radio as well as an empanelled artist of the “Indian Council for Cultural Relations” (ICCR). Mahuyaji has extensively travelled in India and Europe to give concerts, conduct workshops and seminars. She has composed music for many prestigious projects and clients and releases her own music albums regularly. She has received many awards and recognitions by the government, including "Sangeet Ratna Award" in Cuttack by the Orissa Government. With the practice of Sahaja Yoga meditation, Mahuaji's music has achieved great depths, aiming not to merely please the audience, but to please the Divine. Through Sahaja Yoga practice a beautiful transformation has taken place in her, which resonates in her performances and is experienced as joyful silence by the audience. Mahuyaji has been imparting training in Hindustani classical music through organizations like Kalpataru Arts and now through the Swar Arpan Foundation. Similar to the objectives of the “Swar Arpan Cultural Centre" Romania, the Swar Arpan Foundation, India is also committed towards the promotion of Indian classical art, particularly the Indian classical music & dance which as ancient forms of art, have maintained their purity over millenniums. Swar Arpan Foundation is dedicated towards organizing concerts, seminars and workshops all over the world to propagate the Indian classical and semi-classical music in different styles, like dhrupad, khayal, thumri, etc, as well as devotional music. She focuses on advanced training which brings forth the intricacies and the rich heritage of the classical vocal music, emphasizing on meditation and the experience of Self-realization. The Foundation wishes to impart, therefore, the unique experience of ‘Nirvicharita’ or thoughtless awareness which is a beautiful dimension of silence through music. Like “Swar Arpan” Cultural Centre Romania, Swar Arpan Foundation, India is committed to promote the Indian classical culture, as well as the Indian classical artists of Indian and non-Indian origin. Therefore, the Foundation aims to regularly organize various festivals in India and across the world. Being motivated by the globally experienced effects of the Indian classical music over the mental, emotional, as well as the physical being, the organization attempts to bring the great heritage of the Indian classical music to the masses, making it accessible to all, irrespective of their nation, race or spiritual background and facilitate the unique experience of silence, divine joy and spirit through music among them.