The Swar Arpan Cultural Centre was born out of passion for art, culture, truth, with the desire to impart the highest values by promoting the universal culture at its best, focusing on the Indian classical music & dance. It was founded under the guidance of Carmen Silvia Dumitrescu, an ardent seeker of truth who happens to be among the lucky ones who found their way in life.


Carmen's interest in the Indian culture was stirred in adolescence through the Sahaja Yoga meditation, an experience which had a decisive role in shaping her personality. Her passion for the Indian culture and classical  music made her  choose to study Hindi language at the University of Bucharest, being a graduate of the Asian & Oriental studies of the same university. She expressed an ardent desire to know the Indian culture and  civilization from within and her dream  turned into reality  when she won the  first scholarship for studying Hindi language,  which was immediately followed by a scholarship for learning the Indian classical music. She is, therefore,  devoted to this music since several years,  studying in the traditional guru-shishya parampara (an ancient system where the  guru/master not only imparts the knowledge,  but also the culture, spirituality and life style), under the  inspired,  professional  guidance of her master (guru) Mahua Mukherjee,  a prestigious vocalist  who belongs to  Patiala Gharana.


Carmen's knowledge and efforts are being channelized into the organization she enthusiastically founded.


The "Swar Arpan" Cultural Centre is, therefore,  a non-profit organization based in Romania, Europe, founded with the mission of enlightening human awareness through art, focusing particularly on the Indian classical music, & dance which as ancient forms of art, have maintained their purity over millenniums.  Swar Arpan is dedicated to the cause of promoting Classical music and other art forms in India and abroad, with the purpose of  imparting the unique experience of  the encounter with a new dimension of silence through music. Committed to promote the Indian classical culture, as well as the Indian classical artists of Indian & non-Indian origin, the foundation regularly organizes various festivals in India and across the world.

Being motivated by the globally experienced effects of the Indian classical music over the mental, emotional, as well as the physical being, the organization attempts to bring the great heritage of the Indian classical music to the masses, making it accessible to all, irrespective of their nation, race and spiritual background and facilitate the unique experience of silence, divine joy and spirit through music among them.


Despite its Indian culture- oriented activities, the Swar Arpan Cultural Centre doesn’t only promote the Indian classical music & dance, this being only a field worthy of attention due to its divine character, the Holy Land of India having been a land in which the cultural and spiritual values have been maintained since millenniums. However, the organization wishes to promote the highest universal culture regardless of the country, religion, social status, etc. Therefore, all artists who would like to enlighten the humanity with their art and have the capacity to do it, are kindly invited to contact us.